Every summer I try to make my way to the west coast to visit my mom’s family in Irvine, CA. This summer I had even more of a reason to fly out since I had the honor of attending the Kappa Delta Convention in Phoenix, AZ and my childhood friend was interning in Modesto, CA! I decided to meet my friend in San Francisco to make my first stop on the west coast! I vlogged each day of San Fran so if you’re more of a watcher than a reader, scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch both of my vlogs!

I have traveled alone before, but this time it was different since me and my friend didn’t have parental supervision! It was definitely super nerve-wracking, but everything turned out okay!

My friend, Mirna, had a rental car from her internship so she drove to San Fran to meet me, but we decided to use uber the whole trip. We did have to pay a pretty hefty price of about 50 per day just to park it at the hotel, so that was definitely a big wake up call of growing up (when you’re little it’s crazy how many things you don’t realize your parents paid for & how much things were)! Almost every ride was about $7, but there was one that was $15 and one that was $30, but I did split them all with Mirna!

We stayed at Hotel Carlton! It was such a cute boutique hotel in a GREAT area that was in the middle of everything!

5:00 pm | After I checked into the hotel, we went to our room to freshen up and change. The weather in June was pretty nice,              but at night it got very windy!

6:00 pm | We then made our way to Fisherman’s Wharf where we saw Alcatraz from a distance, watched street performers such as magicians, and even ate sourdough bread from the famous Boudin Bakery! The one thing I did regret while here, was not getting a lobster roll or eating crabs- wasn’t in the budget, but I will definitely get it the next time I go! Also I am pretty sure the Ghiradelli Square is close to here which we totally didn’t know until we left!

Alcatraz (Buy tour tickets ahead of time)

There was this awesome magician and we also saw a metal man!

Boudin Bakery

7:00 pm | We then walked to Lombard Street! Yes…. I said walked. We read on our map app that it wasn’t too far of a walk, but we didn’t take into account the crazy steep San Fran hills! We were so out of breath and sweating by the time we got here, so I would recommend just ubering!

Lombard Street: The crookedest street in the world

Yup… this is the hill we walked up, but not the only steep hill we had to walk up LOL!

7:30 pm | We made our way back to our hotel to find something quick to eat around there and then decided to get a good nights rest for the next day!


8:30 am | We walked 7 minutes from Hotel Carlton to Mr. Holmes Bakery aka trendy bakery with a trendy neon sign #JustMilennialThings! I got a cruffin (croissant-muffin) which I didn’t think was all that great, but I also got a matcha dipped croissant which was super yummy so it all balanced out! I recommend getting here at least 30 minutes earlier to when it opens because there was a line outside the door! They also have a maximum of the treats that you can buy per person.

Matcha Dipped Croissant

Be sure to wear some cute shoes to make the floor a photo opp too!

10:00 am | We ubered to The Mission District, it was a really great place to walk around because they had restaurants and gift shops, we even came across The Balm Cosmetics store! We then walked over to Clarion Alley which is an alley with so many beautiful, meaningful murals!

11:30 am | Next, we ubered over to the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps where we saw an amazing view of the city!

Just some beautiful plants around the stairs!

12:30 pm | After the stairs, we then ubered to Sutter Street which is also a great place to walk around, we tried checking out the Brit + Co office, but it was closed!

1:30 pm | We then found out that China Town was right around the corner so we checked it out

and getting a snack, we walked back to the hotel to take a nap and do my online summer homework (barf)!

7:00 pm | We learned the hard way the night before that it does get pretty windy at night so when we were preparing to go to Baker Beach, we made sure to dress warm! Make sure to give yourself time to drive over there, enjoy the area before sunset and after sunset! This couldn’t have been a more perfect place to watch the sun set with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Shop my jacket! Click here!

9:00 pm | We were starving so we decided to go to a whole in the wall Italian restaurant to get some comfort food aka pasta! We then called it a night! (Yes I know we sleep early, but I’m a home body who was also on East coast time).


12:00 pm | We treated ourselves and slept in a little longer than the day before and then we went to a close by place for a quick breakfast stop!

1:30 pm | The last place on our bucket list was Dolores Park! It was a beautiful park with great views! It was so hot that day that every shady spot under the palm trees was taken up by families and friends enjoying a beautiful Sunday!

And that was, unfortunately, my last stop of the San Francisco Two Day Tour! Mirna dropped me off at the airport shortly after! This city was so picturesque and had so many cool places to explore, I’d love to go back with specific restaurants in mind to try next time.

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