Mini Haul & Review | Lush, Francesca’s, & Sephora

Hey y’all! My sister came and visited me for Fourth of July in my NEW HOME in Orlando and we went shopping so I decided to do a little haul and review of some products I picked up (and also I got white sheets finally so I was able to do one of those cute aerial type instagrams, ya feel?).

Sunglasses- Francesca’s

I like big sunglasses because I think they suit me, but at the same time I don’t even know if they do you know? Like I just need a sunglass stylist and I’ll be set for life. But these particular ones are cheetah patterned and I honestly think they can go with ANYTHING! Now I understand why cheetah print is back in style, I’m going to need to grab me some cheetah flats soon! Overall, these sunglasses were on sale for $10 and they do feel pretty cheap, but I love cheap sunglasses so I don’t have to worry about taking such good care of them.

Lip Gloss  in Stolen Kisses- NARS

I needed a sheer but colored kind of lip gloss and I was just strolling through the aisles of Sephora trying on everything in my sight when I found this! At first I was caught by the color because I’m a sucker for anything with a brown undertone in it. It seemed pretty sheer, but when I got home and tried it on with clean lips, the color was such a pretty natural color! It also is so moisturizing and it has a tingly feeling so I think it has lip plumper in it, but I’m still not sure of that. I really like this lip gloss though because it looks good on top of other lip products and is also beautiful on its own!

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer- Urban Decay

I have been waiting slowly to restock my makeup collection and I thought since I’m a little bit darker now that I should start with buying concealer! I wanted to get one that could work as a highlighter as well. So I got this one in Med-Dark Warm. I started to look at other concealers that I have heard beauty gurus raving about like the NARS Creamy Concealer, but it was not enough coverage! I kept on applying more and more and I felt like it was so sheer, so then I tried this one, and I just liked the consistency much better! I also felt like there was more product in this container. I am able to get away with just applying a concealer that is my skin’s color on my blemishes and then putting this light concealer under my eyes to make me look more awake. This makeup look is ideal especially in the summer so that your full face of foundation will not melt off!

Godiva Shampoo Bar- Lush

My friend Lara kept raving about her Lush Shampoo Bar so while I was in the store I decided to pick one up. I talked to one of the employees to help find one that best suits my hair type. She let me pick from 3 and I just liked this one better because it has a very soothing and not overpowering scent (unlike the store itself lol!). I tried it out for the first time this morning and I was surprised how much it lathered! But only after, Lara told me not to get the bar soaked… oops! Apparently you’re just supposed to wet your hair then just run the bar over your hair a couple of times and then put it back in its tin. I stupidly got the whole bar wet then I went over my wet hair and now my bar is kinda icky, but it’ll dry soon! I think this is awesome for traveling especially because it’s so small and you don’t have to lug around a big shampoo bottle. Did I mention you get up to almost 100 washes with it?! AND it’s only $10-$15!

Pearl Massage Bar- Lush

I was intrigued by these when I walked in, like what the heck is a massage bar!? Well it’s actually lotion in a bar! Again compact! They literally told me that Lush just likes to take liquids and make them into solids haha! I think that this is a good moisturizer because it’s not one that just soaks into your skin and dries up in 2 minutes, but it sinks in and stays on the surface so your skin always feels soft and moisturized (I don’t know how to explain it…) but you guys should try this out. Again this was only like $10. I am actually surprised both of these were so cheap because everything else in that store is so expensive!


What are some of your most recent beauty/ fashion purchases?

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