I am a senior in college. What is life right now. I will say it time and time again, but college went by so fast! I remember being in high school and wondering when it will end because it felt like it went by so slow. College is a whole different world. You’re not in the same everyday routine– you get to do things to your own schedule which I loved!

If you all don’t know, I go to the University of Central Florida and I am a senior studying Radio/ Television. Looking back on making my decision between here and FSU, I could not have picked a more “me school”. It is mind blowing how one little decision like choosing a college can change your whole life.

I am currently in a weird state– part of me wants to hold on to this college life forever and the other part wants to move back home, buy a house and have a family asap. To be honest, my life goal since I was a little baby was to have a family and to have a house and decorate it with my husband and that is still my goal. I will be the happiest girl ever when I buy a house and get married. But I also know that I will never have the chance to be surrounded by 170+ girls every day. I won’t have the chance to live in a mansion with 23 other girls and have a chef cooked meal for lunch a dinner. I am very blessed and I don’t know what I will do without these girls in my sorority.

I do have a boyfriend of almost 6 years back home and this whole time I didn’t mind being away because it allowed us to grow on our own while still being there for each other, but I am to the point where I just want this last year of college to end so that I don’t ever have to say bye to him for more than a month at a time. I also miss having seasons– ALL I WANT is to see the leaves change colors, by the time I go back home for Thanksgiving break it’ll be too late. I am planning on moving back to Georgia so I know I will get many more years of changing leaves, but I just miss it so much. The point of all this is to look at it from a bigger picture. This grass is always greener on the other side, and I really just need to enjoy my current life because I am so blessed and I wouldn’t trade anything for the world. I feel like I have rushed through my life just to get to those end goals, but I need to remember to enjoy the journey and not just the destination (as corny as that sounds).

Well now that we got all of the venting out of the way, I thought I would catch you all up on my life!

I started my internship with UCF Social Media. I create student based lifestyle content for UCF’s Youtube Channel. I recently had my first big project go live. It was a twist of the 73 questions on Vogues channel, but we did one introducing myself to UCF’s subscribers and showing cool spots on campus. Click to watch 63 Questions with Sonali. I love this job because it’s basically everything I do for my own Youtube Channel like planning out videos, filming and editing them!

I am finishing my second and final year of being Kappa Delta UCF’s Vice President of Public Relations. I honestly don’t think I will know what to do with myself after because I will go from being on council for two years to having no position, but  I live in the house so I will still be super involved. I am also being hired to film next year’s recruitment video so my camera will still be attached to my hand even after my position is done! Check out the videos I filmed last year for KD– 2018 Recruitment video | 2018 Philanthropy Video.

I started a food Instagram account because I have realized that other than taking photos, there is nothing I love more than food! I have been taking pictures of food since high school so I thought I would make an Instagram showing all of my faves! My sister came up with the cutest @ name “NaliNoms”! So follow me here if you’d like to keep up with my good eats!

Well, I think that is all I have to update you all on! If you all would like to see more of me check out my Youtube Channel and follow me on Instagram!



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