Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

I am not usually one of those “earthy people”, but…

*Gets called downstairs to go for a bike ride*

well I just came back from a bike ride and it felt so good. I think the last time I rode a bike was when I didn’t have a car. I always wonder what the world would be like without cars, definitely a fitter world, but that’s what gyms are for right? I feel like actual bike rides are so much better than the bike machines in gyms because it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out when you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery.

As I was saying earlier, I don’t really think I make an effort to be eco-friendly, but I subconsciously do. Small things like turning off the lights when leaving a room can be so helpful. One thing that I am big on is reusable water bottles. I have never been a person to prefer bottled water over tap water, I never really cared. But I always see people at school with plastic water bottles every single day, and just think of how many of those they wouldn’t have to use if they got a reusable water bottle?!

Reasons you should use a reusable water bottle:

  • It comes out to be cheaper because you only have to purchase a water bottle one time, instead of many times and trust me, cheap things add up (like Starbucks)
  • Not buying plastic water bottles reduces the fossil fuels and toxins in the air (if you don’t know what that is, it’s just bad!)
  • It turns out to be healthier because sometimes plastic bottles can have harsh chemicals in it
  • It’s convenient because most places have water fountains to refill your bottle
  • It can be cuter than plastic water bottles!



 This earth design is from Lululemon and it is only $28


 This water bottle is from Urban Outfitters and is only $18 and you can put fruit at the bottom to flavor you water, how cool!


This one is a Camel Bak for only $20.00  I actually have this water bottle in a different color and it is just so addicting to chew on the sippy part!

Now can we all agree that these water bottles are SO much cuter than the normal plastic water bottle??

What did you guys do to celebrate earth day? Did you enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Or did you just post a picture on instagram of you outside because you looked cute in it? Don’t lie (; I did both!

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