Ariana Grande Concert

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First of all, I apologize for the crappy pictures… but Phillips Aren doesn’t allow DSLR cameras, but…This Tuesday night, March 24th, I went to an Ariana Grande concert! It was so much fun! The night before my friend asked me if I wanted to go and of course I said yes! AG is my spirit animal! The only reason that I ┬ádidn’t already have tickets was because at the time they were first being sold, I didn’t want to spend the money, but I yoloed because I knew it would be a blast. So when we got there we got to our FLOOR SEATS. Yup. I was super close to the queen herself! Cashmere Cat opened up for the opener and he was pretty good, his beats were awesome! His hair was wack though it looked like thin cotton candy that was flowing in the wind. Then Rixton came on and Jake Roche the lead singer was such a cutie! He was such a good performer too! My friend Annie and I had an aisle seat and Jake came running through our aisle and he stood up on my seat!! So i touched him and I was pretty starstruck! The guy next to us brought his son because apparently when the tickets came out he loved Ariana but it kind of weared off. We were talking to them for a while and the dad bought us cotton candy! Then Ariana Grande came out and she was so cute and tiny! Her outfits were adorable I wish I had sparkly outfits like hers! After the concert we took an Uber home! I was glad we got to do this because I have always wanted to try it out! I had the app but didn’t have an account and I barely had service so it took a while to make the account and it was kind of confusing how to actually get an Uber so it took us 20 minutes to actually find the guy. He ended up being super nice! I will definitely be using it more!

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