40 Questions To Ask Your Future Roommate

So I have been struggling to find a roommate for my fall semester. Even though they say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I am guilty of it. When I do find a match, I see how well they can carry on a conversation; most of the time I am the one asking most of the questions, so make sure your froomie (future roommate) is interested in you too. Here are some questions to get to know them better!

What are your pet peeves?

Would you say you are clean freak or a slob?

Are you wanting to get involved in college?

Are you going to rush?

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Where do you want to live; on campus or off campus?

Do you know anyone that will be attending the school?

What do you want to major in?

Do you like to study in silence or with music?

Are you okay with me having visitors?

Will you be bringing a TV, microwave, toaster, etc?

How long do you take in the shower?

Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?

How often will he/ she be visiting?

Are you more independent or dependent?

What is your favorite TV show?

What is your favorite genre of music?

Are you going to have a meal plan or cook?

Do you have any allergies?

What was your hometown like?

What is your relationship with your family?

Do you have siblings, if so how old are they?

Why did you choose this school?

What are some of your hobbies?

Do you have any good/ bad habits?

How were you involved in your high school?

How will you get involved in college?

Do you workout, if so how many times a week?

Do you have a job, if so what is it?

Will you want to get a job in college?

What type of decor were you thinking of for our room?

What things are you okay with sharing/ not okay with sharing?

How often do you plan on going home?

What is your religion, if so do you practice?

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?

What is your biggest accomplishment in your life?

What is your biggest regret in your life?

What are some things on your “college bucket list”?

What are your study habits like?

How do you deal with conflict?

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